Humans Edit

  1. Ginny Bardot
  2. Grant Dinicoligs
  3. Jamie Bardot
  4. Alexander Tambies
  5. Jerri Waghek

Animatronics Edit

  1. Fixa Fox Bardot
  2. Chinso Pao

Reverse Humans Edit

  1. Frederick Fezzleber
  2. Bo Bonnisple
  3. Christie Coupkains
  4. Felix Foxitánio
  5. Fredward Fessleber
  6. Bonnibel Bonnisple
  7. Catherine Coupkains
  8. Margaret Foxitanio
  9. Marique Punipette
  10. Fredwin Fessleber
  11. Fredson Fesslber
  12. Bonsby Bonnisple

Reverse Animatronics Edit

  1. Mikey Schmidt the German Shepherd
  2. Jeremy the Labrador Retriever
  3. Phoney the Mutt
  4. Ginnette the Cat
  5. Julie the Dove
  6. Grant the Dingo
  7. Jamie the Cat
  8. Kate the Minx

Reverse Pets Edit

  1. Cupcake Coupkains
  2. Exo Foxitanio
  3. Bibi Punipette

The Beginning Humans Edit

  1. Ginnette Bardót
  2. Grantson Texigon
  3. Jameson Bardót
  4. Alexander Támbies
  5. Jerimiah Waghekles

The Beginning Animatronics Edit

  1. Captain Foxitánio
  2. Chicanta Chikawu
  3. Bonnicle Bonnibel

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