Welcome to Kitty Darner's OCs!Edit

All of KittyDarner's OCs that aren't a part of the Darner family itself are located here for your researching and viewing purposes. If there are any that you want to know more about simply search them up in the search bar located in the top right corner of the screen, or simply just message me. I'll be happy to answer any questions I may recieve.

A List of Convience Edit

ANIMANIACS  Quinfio ★ Angelina Cadiss ★ Demeter Cyer

LOONATICS UNLEASHED Speranza Paink ★ Stellis Dernar

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Ginny Bardot ★ Ginnette Bardót ★ Grant Dinicoligs Grantson Texigon ★Jamie Bardot ★ Jameson Bardót Fixa Fox Bardot ★ Captain Foxitánio ★ Frederick Fazzleber Chicanta Chikawu ★ Bonsby Bonnibel ★ Alexander Tambies Alexander Támbies ★ Jerri Waghek ★ Jerimiah Waghekles

DISNEY Missie Moubit ★ Fantasia Kedremer

CATS DON'T DANCE Laina Tabbits

DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE Kitrina Darner ★ Demeter Lyss

LEVERAGE Shayna Ford ★ Eric Hijants ★ Annie Artison  Porter Artison

THE SHADOW Maxine Ryder ★ The Mist

SWAT KATS Jackie Gerax ★ Shenzie ★ Chrissy Lé Preme Kassandra ★ Irene Swaddler ★ Nipsy Rose

VOLTRON FORCE Vixen Ninajò ★ Hex

 HOLMES Shirley Holmes ★ Jameson Watson ★ Violet Moriarty

TIMELESS  Roxanne Darner ★ Novette Darner ★ Gomer Cali Smidgette ★ Semón Smidgette ★ Gabby 

RAG FIGURES Trina Rags ★ Antonio Trinket ★ Buka Tiko ★ Leky

TMNT Katanette Kitsuni

INVADER ZIM Nikita Felious ★ Dakoyo Felious ★ Tinnila Shrayken

DC Marium Wilkinson ★ Ampirity

MARVEL  Amanda Wilkinson ★ Lieutenant Liberty

THE MASQUE OF THE RED  Celeste Bardót ★ Death

HOMECOMING SCREAM Annette Blackson ★ Margo Trempsie

MULTI Lyssa Fio ★ Kitzer Darner ★ Attis Splixen  Erebus Pathos ★ Mouse Timbles ★ Caerus Mitalo

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